About Us

ProjectForum.com (operated by CourseForum Technologies) is a private company, founded in 2002 to offer innovative collaborative software for workgroups, whether in business, education, non-profits or elsewhere.

Our customers are located around the world: in small and large businesses, K-12 and higher education, governments and non-profits, and other organizations. Our software is used in a wide variety of industries, including high technology, finance, marketing and communications, healthcare, consumer goods, research and much more.

Most collaborative software is very large, extremely complex to use, and rigid in the ways it allows people to collaborate. It tends to be administration-heavy, and requires dedicated IT support to get properly set up. Often its designed more to please the higher-ups it gets sold to, rather than the people who actually use it to collaborate. And its also priced way out of the range of many smaller users or organizations.

All of these factors get in the way of people trying to work together with each other, whether down the hall or across the world over the Internet. We're trying to change all that.

Our primary focus is the continued evolution of our ProjectForum wiki application, both offered as either licensed or hosted solutions. We also offer software development services for those interested in customizing these applications to suit particular requirements. If you're interested in changes to either product, please contact us to discuss your needs.

The company was founded by Mark Roseman, who has been developing collaborative software applications for over fifteen years. Prior to founding the company, he founded and served as CTO of TeamWave Software Ltd., maker of a variety of educational and workgroup conferencing products (TeamWave was acquired by Sonexis Inc. in late 2000).