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When you download the software, you will be running the free version of ProjectForum. There are other versions available that contain additional features, e.g. multiple wikis, attachments, images, projects, themes ... and much more.

You can try all these extras for free. Fill out the form and we'll email you a ten group standard license key good for several weeks.

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We will never give out your name or email address to anyone. We will use your email address to send you your demo license key right away, and also to contact you no more than three more times during the trial period and immediately afterwards.

After that, we will not contact you again, unless you've kept the "email me about updates" box checked. In that case, we'll add you to our very low volume email announcements list, from which you can remove yourself at anytime simply by contacting us. If you have elected to join this announcements list, you'll receive another email from us shortly asking you to confirm this.


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