Enterprise Licensing

Enterprise Licensing is an alternative to the regular licensing model offered for ProjectForum.

It offers a per-user licensing model (rather than per-group), and other differences that may make it suitable for consideration, particularly for larger sites, or where users participate in several groups. The exact differences are as follows:

Standard LicenseEnterprise License
Number of groups depends on size of license.Unlimited number of groups.
Unlimited number of users per group.Number of users depends on size of license.
Forums can be open, have a single password, or restricted to individual users.All forum users must be registered, can be restricted to individual users.
Users can be registered site-wide, or have separate accounts with each group; guest users are permitted.All users must be registered site-wide.
User accounts are managed entirely within ProjectForum.User accounts can be managed entirely within ProjectForum, or linked to an external authentication service, e.g. LDAP (*)
Projects cannot have their own user access control lists; they can use the group's list or have a shared password.Every forum, including both groups and projects, can have separate access control lists.
All users in a forum have the same permissions.Can specify separate permissions for each user.

Pricing and Ordering

Pricing for Enterprise Licenses are on a per-user/per-year basis, and start at US$500 for 50 registered users.

Please contact sales@projectforum.com for a specific quotation, for information on ordering, or if you have any other questions.

Trying it Out

A separate page provides details on setting up Enterprise Licensing.

You can obtain a demonstration license to try out Enterprise Licensing by filling out a form on that page.