User Testimonials

What have other people been saying about CourseForum and ProjectForum? Here's a few comments that we have received from our customers and other users about our products and company.

"Thanks for an amazing product!"

"FYI, we've become quite attached to ProjectForum over the past year and a half. On it we manage all our production and development projects, we have developed our ISO 9000 Quality Management System, and we coordinate the work of our offices, plant and multiple installation sites in several countries. Thanks for an amazing product!"

- Francisco (Pancho) Castano (Founder and CEO, Geometrica, Inc.)

"A top-notch application"

"What sold me on your software was the SUPER easy installation, as well as getting the best of both worlds with wiki style forums. The structure of the workgroups and projects offers the separation we need, with the added benefit of having all of the advantages a wiki has to offer. The cost is also fair and reasonable."

"You folks have written a top-notch application. As a web developer, I have seen some really terrible 'applications' offered out there. Of the eight or so wiki apps I looked at (from free to outrageously expensive), yours is by far the best I have seen. Looks like your support is just as good."

- Shawn Terry

"Web access and ease of use for non IT folk are key"

"In a previous role I have used products like Notes and QuickPlace from Lotus and I really like ProjectForum. Web access and ease of use for non IT literate folk are the key things for me. The ability to import RSS feeds is really cool."

- Peter Giles

"Thanks for the great product"

"I looked at a variety of tools available and, not only did yours seem to fit what I needed, but the demo version you provided allowed us to see the tools in action. I was also impressed that I received support with only a demo version. Thanks for the help and thanks for the great product."

- JR Allen (Product Manager, National Instruments)

"Amazingly easy to install"

"It was amazingly easy to install and bring up. We had been fooling around with wiki downloads and were tangled up in all the environmental issues you can run into. I'm the CIO here and I installed ProjectForum on my PC and set up a sample project in about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon!"

- Doug Richardson

"Impressed by the usefulness and ease of use"

"We pay people for support at other software companies and they are not as quick to respond as you did. In the short time I've been trying out ProjectForum I've been very impressed by the usefulness of it and the ease of use."

- Anthony Lehecka

"The compactness and resulting performance are simply amazing"

"It took only a day of using your tool to fall in love with it — and that is not a small statement coming from me, when I am using most of the collaborative tools that exist today. The compactness and resulting performance of ProjectForum are simply amazing."

- Nikolaj Ivancic (CTO, Congral)

"I would have shot myself!"

"If I had been unable to get this software up and running I would have shot myself! I have not yet seen a networked product that is so easy to get running. I've installed it on both desktop and Linux server and I'm very happy with performance and overall organization of the product."

- Dermot Doran

"It was annoying that we were using Outlook to collaborate"

"This morning the emails are flying around, and with a list of over 20 existing and potential problems it was obvious that we needed to get organized. It was also becoming very annoying that were again using Outlook to collaborate, and each of us was going to have to start ANOTHER folder to hold ANOTHER cluster of emails and responses."

"I typed 'workgroup collaboration' into Google, and saw your product. I loaded the demo, and it worked immediately - this does not always happen. I downloaded and printed the manual - it was clearly written and easy to follow."

"I considered the number of times I have been a member of other groups that are similarly trying to collaborate on longer term projects like this one, and decided that getting a license for 5 groups would at least get us started. You guys did a nice job."

- Gary Majkowski

"Software that makes such a difference"

"But I wanted to thank you even more for creating both ProjectForum and CourseForum. They are completely changing the way I teach and the way our LabTeam collaborates on all of our projects. We are very much enjoying hosting our own here, and I expect to continue showing our sites off to teaching and research colleagues this fall. Best wishes for your continued success with software that makes such a difference."

- Catherine Dibble (Professor, University of Maryland)

"I adore it; it is the best available for the price"

"About your service: I adore it; it is the best available for the price. You have a great product--secure, robust, wonderfully easy to use, easy to manage, easy to coordinate within, a product rich with pedagogical possiblities that I have yet to even begin to fully explore."

- Gilbert Wilkes (Professor, School of Communication and Culture, Royal Roads University)

"Our main vehicle for internal communications"

"ProjectForum is still great, and has been fully accepted as our main vehicle for internal communications, which is clearly proven by the fact that it has received a brand new hosting server in our mission critical rack space (daily backups, supported by power generators in case of power failure, provision of cold backup server, and integrated in our monthly disaster recovery test schedule)."

"So as you see, it has achieved a very honorable rank amongst our support applications, reserved for only a few. I think this proves beyond any praise its importance and value for us.

- Roland Papp (NETvisor Ltd.)

"ProjectForum has been a very useful tool for us"

"ProjectForum has been a very useful tool for us - particularly for coordinating the efforts of other companies with ours. We can keep a mutual things-to-do list for them, have them post tradeshow photos, etc."

- Karl von Kries (Technomad Inc.)

"We are using ProjectForum every day"

"We are using ProjectForum every day. It has made it possible for everyone on my team to be able to communicate much more efficiently."

- Stephen Eller (Director of Web Development, CourtExpress)

"I wish all applications were as simple to use as this"

"I must congratulate your company on the absolute easiest application I have ever had to install and configure. I wish all applications I dealt with on a daily basis were as simple to use as this."

- Jim Barker

"Integral to our approach"

"Thanks as always for the excellent customer service. Your tools are integral to our approach and our value proposition to our clients."

- Robert Luzzatto (President, Omega Survey Group)

"It was a no-brainer"

"Just a note to thank you for your support during my evaluation exercise. I particularly appreciated the personal email to find out how I was progressing."

"From my perspective, most of the Wiki soIutions I found seemed to require a 'techy' person to setup and we don't have the time to get distracted from our core business. So, given the choice of having someone spend around a couple of days setting things up, or buying ProjectForum, it was a no-brainer."

- Bob Collins

"We are very satisfied with it"

"So far we are very satisfied with it. We have made it the foundation for our work in my research center with ~6 staff and ~12 students using it on a near daily basis. We use it to track everything, from equipment use and maintenance logs, to experiments, to contracts and reports."

- Greg Nordin (Director, Nano and Micro Devices Center, University of Alabama in Huntsville)

"Projectforum has become a very important tool for us"

"ProjectForum has become a very important tool for us, proven both by the thousands of posts made (468 Current Pages, 7840 Older Versions of Pages, 1092 files!) and the complete panic of the users when I accidentally loaded a 45 day old backup version instead of the current files!"

- Alf Melin

"A brilliant concept beautifully executed"

"It is extremely elegant and simple. The more I get to use CourseForum the more excited I get by it -- a brilliant concept beautifully executed -- I can't get it to skip a beat!"

- Wayne Richmond (NSW Dept. of Education & Training, Australia)

"The easiest transition for getting teachers online"

"CourseForum has become widely used! It's been the easiest transition for getting teachers online I've ever had."

- Jeff Mao (Director of Technology, Maine School Administrative District #60)


"We recently had a conference deadline looming over us. Normally, this is a scramble of sending abstracts back and forth via e-mail or hard copy and then providing a cursory and rushed analysis of each other's proposals. This year, we put everything up on CourseForum and the task seemed almost leisurely. Whenever we had a few minutes, we could browse through others' work, make suggestions, and get a much better product in the end. Also, it provided a new openness between us and our students (many of whom were encouraged to submit a proposal). They could see what we profs were doing and better match up the tone/genre/discourse, in their own proposals. Awesome."

"Thanks for your help and your quick responses. I'm having fun with technology for the first time in years!"

- Phil Goertzen (Director, TESL Program, Trinity Western University)

"It has increased our ability to work effectively"

"I am very happy to report that we are extremely pleased with the CourseForum software. It has increased our ability to work effectively and efficiently as an executive team, and everyone finds it very simple, and easy to use. Thank you for a great piece of software!"

- John Lawrence (President, Music Therapy Association of Alberta)

"Simple and useful"

"My first impression is very positive: simple and useful!"

- Monica Divitini (Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

"Installed in a matter of minutes and has worked flawlessly"

"CourseForum installed in a matter of minutes and has worked flawlessly since. It is extremely easy to use for both my students and I. My students appreciate it. They have setup several forums including a question and answer forum on assignments. Here they are asking and answering the questions."

- Brian Mackie (Assistant Professor of MIS, Northern Illinois University)