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Maximize team knowledge

Using familiar wiki technology, your entire team can collaborate to create,
capture, correct and continuously improve its work processes, activites and results.
Imagine — team documentation that is accurate, up-to-date, useful and actually used!

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Get More People Involved, with Less Effort

Optimize contributions

Keeping content simple and editing easy means anyone can quickly add new ideas, make corrections or share their own experiences so that everyone benefits immediately.

Always available

Having the latest knowledge at their fingertips motivates people to check (and update!) it more frequently, for just-in-time learning or just to verify their work.

One place for everything

Keeping not only work processes and activities but also supporting material (reports, links, references) together reduces duplication and saves hunting for information.

Make changes visible

Getting notified immediately when changes are made, and knowing who made each change, keeps everyone's eyes open to the team's work, and recognizes contributors.

Geometrica Geometrica But don't take our word for it. See how Geometrica, makers of some of the coolest structures on earth, leveraged ProjectForum for their team's quality processes.

A wiki for team collaboration is very different from one open to the entire world.
See how ProjectForum makes it easy for your team to work together, privately and securely:

Starting Couldn't be Easier

ProjectForum runs as a single application, with no dependencies.
No external databases, web servers, version control systems, or anything else. And all configuration is done through an easy web-based interface.

And your team will pick it up in no time thanks to key features like WYSIWYG editing, quick commenting, and more.

Full Security and Accountability

Designed in from the start, ProjectForum offers many unobtrustive options to secure your content and ensure full accountability.

Site, group, project administrators
Shared password or individual accounts
Page locking
Activity tracking
Full version control and change history
SSL encryption

Make it your own

Multiple Workspaces.
Organize and focus teams and projects using separate workspaces, ensuring private work is seen only by those who should see it.

Page Templates.
Using similar pages over and over again? Whether forms, outlines of standard processes, etc. saving these as templates makes reuse easy.

Custom Links.
Add custom formatting commands, domain-specific "semantic" markup, even grab content in real-time from databases or web services.

Branding and Themes.
ProjectForum comes with several different themes, controlling how pages look. Plus change logos, colors, fonts, layout and more.

Web Views.
Writing for a wider audience? Synchronize wiki content to a "web view" that looks like a regular web page. Keep comments and notes only insiders see.

Multiple wikis on one server
Easy comment posting
Image and file attachments
Changes by email or RSS
Project areas (sub-wikis)

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