Features in Each Version

ProjectForum is available in three different versions: Free, Standard and Enterprise. This page details the differences between those versions. See our licensing page for pricing information.

UsersFSEF=Free  S=Standard  E=Enterprise  
Guest UsersForums can optionally be left open so that users do not need to have an account or password to view and/or edit them.
Per-Group User AccountsGroup admins can create a list of user accounts for their group (user name and password), separate from that used by any other group.
Site-wide User AccountsSite-wide user accounts allow the same account to be used across multiple groups, without needing to sign in for each group. Group administrators control whether the account can or cannot access each individual group.
Unlimited users per forumLicense includes unlimited number of users (license based on number of groups).
WorkgroupsFSEF=Free  S=Standard  E=Enterprise  
Multiple workgroupsMultiple groups can be run off a single instance of the ProjectForum server application, so no system changes are needed.
Unlimited groupsLicense includes unlimited number of groups (license based on number of registered users).
Project areasProvide subgroups with their own forum areas for smaller group projects, linked to the main group project forum, or provide a locked down forum for access to more confidential materials.
Archive older groupsKeep copies of older group and projects available online for reference.
PermissionsFSEF=Free  S=Standard  E=Enterprise  
Page lockingLock down content on a single page, preventing any changes or allowing only comments to be added.
Per-Group Access ListGroup administrators can specify the list of individual accounts able to access the group.
Per-Forum Access ListSeparate lists of users are available for each forum on the site, both groups and projects.
Fine-Grained PermissionsAdministrators can decide for each user whether they should have read, write or administrative privileges for the forum.
Rich ContentFSEF=Free  S=Standard  E=Enterprise  
File attachmentsPost current copies of presentations from meetings, research reports, or other documents, rather than clogging up peoples' email with large attachments of each new draft.
ImagesAttach images to pages, either reference material such as charts or graphs, or just some graphics to perk up the page.
SlideshowsCreate simple web-based slideshow presentations directly from forum pages.
Custom LinksCreate new link types that allow you to directly integrate specific types of information from other web resources into your forum pages.
Advanced FeaturesFSEF=Free  S=Standard  E=Enterprise  
SSL SecurityOptionally connect using SSL (https), so that all network communications are encrypted, for better security. Note that SSL is not currently available on our hosting service.
Email NotificationReceive emails when pages in the forum change, making sure you are notified of any changes.
Email to ForumForums can monitor an email address, so users can send content by email which will be automatically posted to forum pages.
Version historyTrack all changes to see how work evolved over time, or go back to restore older material.
Activity trackingSee who has been contributing to discussions and who has not, or verify what each person has seen or changed.
HTML ExportGenerate a set of static HTML pages from a forum, e.g. for transfer to an existing web site or other media.
Web ViewsProvide a view-only mirror of a forum, suitable for use as an external web site, whose content is updated as the forum changes.
Choice of ThemesAllow you to choose one of several built-in themes, determining the appearance of your forum. Choose a distinctive look that fits your group.
Custom ThemesCreate a new theme to more closely blend in with other web resources in your organization.

Common Features

The following features are available across all the different versions.

Powerful SimplicityFSEF=Free  S=Standard  E=Enterprise  
Easy content creationCreating new pages and changing existing ones is done right in your web browser, and is as easy as writing an email message.
Link material easilyConnect your ideas and resources, by linking from any page to any other, or to material anywhere on the web.
Flexible organizationThrough creating and linking content, you decide how your forum is organized and structured. Start simple and adjust things as you go. Put things where they make sense to you, not where a cumbersome user interface forces you to put them.
Password protect forumsLet only the people you want into your forum, by assigning it a password, either to enter it or just to make changes.
Easy to Learn and UseFSEF=Free  S=Standard  E=Enterprise  
100% Web basedAll interaction is done through a web browser, meaning no software installation for your users, and no new application to learn.
Mobile SupportSpecially designed mobile-friendly pages when running on devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android phones or tablets.
Short learning curveProjectForum is designed so that your groups can be creating, sharing and discussing in minutes, devoting time to work not software.
WYSIWYG EditingA browser-based 'What You See Is What You Get' editor provides a familiar writing and editing environment.
Simple formattingProjectForum makes it easy to format pages for easier reading, without needing to learn complex tools like HTML.
Quick comment postingEvery page provides a comment area making discussions about topics quick and easy.
Include MarkupBuild up larger pages by including the contents of other forum pages or even pages from other web sites.
New page templatesCustomizable templates provide an easy way to create many similar pages, such as for meeting notes or contact pages.
Recent changesSee at a glance the last few changes, to quickly identify and contribute to the "hot topics".
SearchA search box on every page lets you easily find information throughout the forum, even across projects.
RSS SupportEasily track changes in any forum, or include an RSS feed in a forum page so everyone can track changes in other web sites.
Easy SetupFSEF=Free  S=Standard  E=Enterprise  
Easy to install serverThe ProjectForum server application can be installed in minutes, and needs no cumbersome configuration or special software. A single install supports everyone in your group.
Cross-platformThe server runs on any Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux machine. Users just need their existing web browser, whatever their platform.
Easy administrationAdministration is all web-based, and generally requires little time to maintain, so you can just set it up and run.